KAMC AM Weather Webcast October 19, 2021


LUBBOCK, Texas — KAMC Meteorologist Shelby Mac has today’s forecast. Sponsored by J Ferg Pros.

Today:  A warm Tuesday will follow a mild day yesterday. Sunny skies will last through our day with a southwesterly breeze picking up by the evening. Our afternoon high will get near 86°.

Tonight: A weak cold front will make its way into the South Plains overnight and drop our temperatures down for tomorrow. Clear skies will last overnight with an evening low near 50°.

Tomorrow: Tomorrow will be our coolest day for the rest of the week with temperatures a bit more seasonal for this time of year. Sunny skies will continue into our Wednesday with an afternoon high of 80°.

It is officially treat yourself Tuesday, so grab a donut our a muffin on your way to work this morning! Through breakfast we will see the sunrise and temperatures get into the upper 60’s for a nice mild morning. Mild conditions will last through lunch time but heat will build in through the afternoon as we get into the mid to upper 80’s across the South Plains.

Temperatures today will be about 10 degrees above average for this time of year and much warmer than yesterday. Near the Hub City it will be about 13 degrees warmer, near Seminole and Hobbs about seven degrees warmer, and near Clovis about four degrees warmer. This will only last today as a weak cold front moves into the South Plains overnight tonight. We will have highs back down into the upper 70’s and lower 80’s tomorrow, but we will slowly warm up once again as we get closer to the weekend .

Breezy conditions will pick up through our morning and a southwesterly breeze will start to move around ten to 15 miles per hour through the afternoon. BY the heat of the day the breeze will move faster at 15 to 25 miles per hour. This is the air ahead of the weak cold front so windy conditions will end before 10 PM tonight. This will then let the cold air coming in from the west slide in overnight for a more mild Wednesday ahead.

Sunshine, highs in the mid 80’s, and breezy conditions are in the forecast for our Tuesday. We will start to see winds picking up through the evening as a weak cold front approaches the South Plains. This will drop our highs back down into the upper 70’s and lower 80’s by tomorrow. Sunshine will continue into our Wednesday but we will also slowly see temperatures rising as we get closer to the weekend. The mid 80’s are likely to return to the forecast as early as Saturday.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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