Today: Soggy and foggy conditions will last into the rest of our morning with scattered showers moving through the rest of the day. The afternoon high will reach 75°.

Tonight: Isolated showers will move through tonight but we will start to dry out through the rest of the week. The evening low will be dropping down to 63°.

Tomorrow: Tomorrow is ou7r last chance for rain through the rest of the work week with temperatures starting to rise. The afternoon high will be warmer than today at 80°.

Rain has made its way across the South Plains over the weekend, but the last three days has had heavy rain coming through. Paducah has had almost five inches of accumulation, Ralls and Plains had over two inches, and Lubbock got over half an inch. This is great news, but we are almost to the point that the rain could start to hurt our farmers crops and lead to flash flooding. Thankfully, a small break from the rain will come in before it returns by the weekend.

Dewpoints are starting out high for our Monday making it feel muggy outside, and soggy conditions will stick around with scattered showers through the day. Temperatures will slowly rise going into the afternoon as we max out in the mid 70’s. Foggy conditions will let up through the day, but this morning give yourself extra time to get to work because visibility is more limited.

Scattered showers will continue through the rest of the morning with some models picking up showers until this evening. Our HRRR model expects rain to be staggered through the rest of our Monday leading to highs staying in the mid 70’s. However, if clouds break up more quickly, shown on the NAM model, we will warm into the lower 80’s by the heat of the day. The models do agree that rain will last through the morning.

Rain chances are giving their best today and tomorrow before dry conditions slide in through the rest of the work week. Today will be soggy and foggy with highs ranging in the mid 70’s to the lower 80’s and showers popping up through the day. A few isolated storms could pop-up tomorrow before precipitation and moisture expire from the forecast by hump day. Rain chances will stay out of the forecast until the weekend hen the rain could make its come back.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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