Today:  We have a beautiful day ahead of us for our first Monday in October with sunny skies and seasonal highs. The afternoon high will be near 81°.

Tonight: Mostly clear skies will last into tonight with the sun going down at 7:28 PM. The evening low will be dropping down to 52°.

Tomorrow: Another warm afternoon will follow a chilly morning with increasing clouds through the day. The afternoon high will be near 80°.

This morning our temperatures are starting off anywhere from the mid 40’s into the mid 50’s. This is our coolest morning so far into Fall and we will have a slow warm up through the day. The afternoon will be similar to yesterday. Get outside while you can because rain slides in by the middle of the week.

Highs this afternoon will be similar to yesterday in the lower 80’s after a chilly morning. We will slowly warm up through the day so get ready for a seasonal afternoon. Don’t forget that it is the sneezin’ season so make sure to take your allergy medicine today and keep it handy as a southeasterly breeze pushes pollen around today.

Rain chances slide in with a cool front by our Wednesday with isolated showers bringing in cooler air. Accumulation looks to be anywhere from completely dry to about half an inch. The rain chances will stay mostly in our western and central counties. h=This will drop highs down to the upper 70’s with the lower 70’s in the forecast by the weekend.

Fall is here y’all! Today we can feel the crisp, cool air that we a re used to for our Fall mornings and the afternoon will be seasonal in the lower 80’s. It is a very similar step up to yeste4rday, but things change by tomorrow. We will have highs dropping into the upper 70’s by Wednesday with a cool front bringing in rain chances. The weekend will be even cooler in the lower 70’s!

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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