Today:  A cool front made its way across the South Plains yesterday which will lead to a seasonal day today. The afternoon high will be near 83° .

Tonight: Clear skies will last into tonight with the sun going down at 7:40 PM. The evening low will be dropping down to 56°.

Tomorrow: The heat picks back up tomorrow with toasty conditions returning. The afternoon high will be near 87°.

This morning our temperatures are starting off anywhere from the lower 50’s into the mid 60’s. Temperatures are cooler this morning due to a cool front that made its way across the region last night. This will set us up to have seasonal highs and a cooler day than we have had all season long!

Highs this afternoon will be seasonal in the lower 80’s after a chilly morning. We will slowly warm up through the day so get used to temperatures in the 60’s until about lunch time. Don’t forget that it is the sneezin’ season so make sure to take your allergy medicine today and keep i handy as an easterly breeze pushes pollen away today.

Hurricane Ian has quickly gained strength over the weekend and now has sustained winds moving 75 miles per hour. It is getting closer to the Gulf of Mexico this morning which will lead to an increase in intensity due to the warm Gulf water. This system is likely to become a category four storm and make landfall near the Florida panhandle or the central portions of Florida.

Fall has officially started but today is our first day that will feel seasonal! This morning we are starting off chilly anywhere from the lower 50’s into the mid 60’s. We will slowly warm into the lower 80’s by the heat of the day, but toasty conditions return tomorrow. The upper 80’s come into the forecast for our Tuesday and will last through the rest of the week.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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