Today: Severe weather possible across the South Plains this evening. Including Heavy rain, flash flooding, large hail, and 70 mph winds. High of 83°.

Tonight: Additional rain possible overnight. Expect roads to be flooded early tomorrow morning. Low of 65°.

Tomorrow: 40% chance of severe thunderstorms possible for tomorrow afternoon. High of 85°.

Thunderstorms are possible late this afternoon and evening. Some storms may become severe, likely to produce wind gusts near up to 70 mph, hail to quarter size, and locally heavy rainfall. Please take caution on roadways, the accumulated moisture will make streets slippery and flooded in lower areas.

Similar conditions to today are likely to last until Thursday. Flooding is expected to continue to get worse as more rain accumulates over the next several days. Be sure to wear rainboots and pack a jacket or umbrella before leaving the house in the next few days.