Today: Sunshine and mild temperatures will last into our Thursday, due to the weak cool front that moved through yesterday. The afternoon high will be near 72°.

Tonight: Clear skies will allow for quick cooling overnight. The evening low will be dropping down to 49°, a bit cooler than last night.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny skies and warmer highs will come in tomorrow before clouds take over on Saturday. The afternoon high will be near 81°.

Mild temperatures will last through our Thursday after a chilly morning. Temperatures are currently in the lower 40’s and ranging in the mid 50’s, but we will cool off more before the sun comes up. Winds are moving in from the northeast right now but things will change as warm ar slides in by the afternoon.

This cool front from yesterday will be effecting our temperatures today. Highs this afternoon will be in the lower 70’s, about six degrees cooler than Wednesday. Sunshine will make it a great day to get outside and take your dog for a walk or take the kids to the park.

As we continue through the rest of the week we will have sunshine and seasonal temperatures through Saturday. However, a strong cold front will bring temperatures down by twenty degrees going into Sunday with heavy rainfall expected to last into next week. This could bring anywhere from one to four inches of rainfall into the South Plains based on current models.

After a rainy start to the week we will have some sunshine coming in through the rest of the day! Temperatures today are starting off in the lower 40’s and mid 50’s, but highs will be cooler than yesterday in the lower 70’s. Seasonal temperatures will last throughout the rest of the work week. By the end of the week a strong cold front will slide in and bring temperatures down by more than twenty degrees.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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