Tonight: A few isolated showers will move through the northern South Plains before the sun goes down. Partly cloudy skies take over through the night with the evening low dropping down to 73°.

Tomorrow: Isolated thunderstorms will move through tomorrow with a weak front bringing in seasonal temperatures. The afternoon high will max our near 94°.

A few isolated showers are moving through the northern portion of the South Plains. This trend will continue until the sun goes down leaving us with partly cloudy skies. Currently, Plainview is getting some rain and more widespread showers will pop-up across the region tomorrow.

Temperatures are ranging from the lower 90’s into the triple digits, but this is good news because it is keeping the atmosphere unstable. The longer the atmosphere is unstable the longer rain chances will stick around. Tomorrow more showers are in the forecast as a weak front moves into Texas.

Rain chances will stay in the forecast by tonight with seasonal temperatures on the way. The rain is possible due to a cold front that is moving in and will knock highs down by about five degrees. Cloudy skies will enter the forecast by tomorrow afternoon and the weekend will keep the clouds around but not keep as much widespread rain chances.

Isolated showers will continue to pop-up in our northern counties this evening until the sun goes down. A cool front will knock us down into the mid to lower 90’s by tomorrow with some isolated showers still moving in. More seasonal highs will last in the forecast tomorrow and Saturday before another heat up slides in with a high pressure system on Sunday.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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