Today: Partly cloudy will take over today with seasonal temperatures and breezy conditions. The afternoon high will be near 56°.

Tonight: Mostly clear skies will move in tonight as lows drop just above freezing. Temperatures will be near 36°.

Tomorrow: Skies start to clear by tomorrow allowing sunshine in and seasonal temperatures. The afternoon high will reach 57°.

Our morning is starting off with a few passing clouds but severe weather is moving across the Southeastern United States. If you know anyone in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Tennessee give them a call to be weather aware as tornado watches and warnings continue to pick up.

Locally our temperatures are starting off anywhere from the lower 30’s to the lower 40’s. Through the day we will be about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday with breezy conditions sticking around. Partly cloudy skies will move in through the rest of the day.

Wind gust will pick up as we go into the afternoon moving anywhere from 40 to 11 miles per hour. Our western counties will have the most aggressive winds all day long. Highs will be seasonal in the mid 50’s with clouds increasing through the rest of the day. The work week will increasingly get warmer each day.

Temperatures will stay chilly this morning and a chilly afternoon will follow with highs in the lmid 50’s. The rest of the week we will continue to see winds slacking off and temperatures rising. Tomorrow will be sunny and warmer and Friday will be our warmest day in the lower 70’s. This comes ahead of a cold front that will bring temperatures back into the 50’s by Saturday and Sunday.

Have a great morning!

-Shelby Mac

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