Today: A few passing clouds are sliding through this morning but sunshine will quickly take over and warm us up. The afternoon high will make it to 90°.

Tonight: Partly cloudy skies will move in this evening and we will quickly cool off once the sun goes down. The evening low will be dropping down to 64°.

Tomorrow: A cool front will slide into the region by tomorrow with a chance for rain and mostly cloudy skies. The afternoon high will be near 86°, which is seasonal.

Mostly clear skies are starting our day off across the South Plains with cool temperatures this morning. We are starting off the day in the upper 50’s and into the lower 70’s but the clouds will break up quickly and allow us to warm into the upper 80’s and lower 90’s. East of the Caprock we could make it into the mid 90’s, but a cool front will slip in by tomorrow.

A high pressure system is slipping into the region this morning and across the Lone Star State we will stay dry and hot by this afternoon. Summery temperatures will last through out most of the day before a cool front tomorrow bring sin seasonal highs and a chance for rain.

Rain chances will come into the forecast tomorrow with a cool front and mostly cloudy skies. Models still can’t agree on what time rain will come in but it looks to be mostly by the evening and into our early hours of Thursday morning. However, at least the models can agree on the fact that most of the rain will stay to the west of I-27/ US-87.

A high pressure system has slipped over Texas this morning leading to a hot and dry afternoon. Highs today will range anywhere from the upper 80’s into the mid 90’s. The rest of the week will stay cool in the morning followed by hot afternoons but a cool front will try to slip in by tomorrow. This will bring in a small chance for rain and mostly cloudy skies. Seasonal temperatures tomorrow will be followed by temperatures staying in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s through the rest of the week.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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