Today: Sunny skies and a hot afternoon will come into the forecast today as we make it through the last couple days of Summer. The afternoon high will be near 90°.

Tonight: Mostly clear skies will last into tonight with the sun going down at 7:48 PM. The evening low will be dropping down to 66°.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny skies come into the forecast for our hump day with heat continuing. The afternoon high will be near 91°.

It’s treat yourself Tuesday and our treat in the forecast is sunshine and and blue skies! This morning our temperatures are starting off anywhere from the lower 60’s into the lower 70’s. We will quickly warm up as the sun shines down on us and highs will be in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s.

We had a taste of Fall come through West Texas earlier this month and in August, but this was what we like to call “fake Fall”. The official start to Fall comes in by Thursday, but we will continue to be in our “second Summer” as the heat continues into the weekend. Never fear, if you are ready for real Fall conditions we will start to see them by the beginning of next week.

Hurricane Fiona has completed devastated Puerto Rico as the electricity is still out across the entire island. This system is not done gaining strength yet and it currently has sustained winds moving 115 miles per hour and is moving northwestward at 10 miles per hour. This system will become a category four hurricane before long and bring rainfall from its outer bands onto the East Coast.

This week is our last hoorah for Summer with temperatures making it into the upper 80’s and lower 90’s. The sunshine will quickly warm us up after mild mornings in the lower 60’s and ranging into the lower 70’s. The first official day of Fall is Thursday, but Fall like conditions won’t come into the forecast until the beginning of next week. The heat is on for Saturday with Texas Tech taking on Texas, and it will be our hottest home game so far this season. Make sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen this week!

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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