Tonight: Passing clouds will slide into the South Plains tonight as partly cloudy skies come into the overnight forecast. The evening low will drop down to 78°.

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy skies will last into our day tomorrow with the chance for a few isolated showers. The afternoon high will max our near 104°.

It’s shaping up to be our hottest day so far this year, and the heat will continue to press in until the sun goes down. Thankfully, some moisture will start to slide in by tomorrow and the heat advisory and excessive heat warning in West Texas will expire by 9 PM.

A few high based showers moved into our northern counties about an hour ago but more rain is on the way by tomorrow! The good news about this heat wave is that it has made our atmosphere unstable enough to produce a few quick showers by tomorrow!

Highs tomorrow are expected to still make it above 100 degrees, but a chance for splash and dash showers moves in too. Our NAM model is showing the chance for some afternoon rain that is likely to be light, but widespread. This is not expected to be measurable, but we will take all the rain chances we can!

We are starting off the first half of the week with a bang of blazing temperatures as the heat caused the hottest day so far today. The heat will stick around through tomorrow but a cool front will knock us down by about ten degrees as we near Thursday. A small chance for rain comes into the forecast by tomorrow afternoon and could bring some quick Summer showers across most of the region. The upper 90’s stick around through the end of the week.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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