LUBBOCK, Texas — KAMC Meteorologist Shelby Mac has today’s forecast. Sponsored by J Ferg Pros.

Today: A very chilly morning will be followed by sunny skies and seasonal highs. Our afternoon high will reach 53°, which is about 15 degrees warmer than yesterday.

Tonight: Mostly clear skies will come into the forecast tonight after a sunny day. Our evening low will be dropping to 27° and we could have a hard freeze.

Tomorrow: A warmer day will come into the forecast for tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. The afternoon high will get close to 67°.

2022 is already starting off more seasonal than the month of December was. We had only four days with below average highs, and 27 days where we got warmer than usual. Two days of the month we broke record across West Texas with highs maxing out at 80 degrees. The only measurable precipitation we had was at the end of the month and it was in the form of snow as we finished out the year. Overall, it was a warm and dry month but January is already off to a much cooler and wetter start.

Temperatures this morning are very cold so give yourself extra time to scrap ice off of your windshield and warm up your car. You will still want to bundle up as temperatures stay in the upper teens and lower 20’s until the sun comes up. Once the sunrises, it’ll be a great time to go treat yourself to a coffee for our first Monday of 2022. Make sure its extra hot to warm you up because we will still be approximately at the freezing mark by 8 AM.

Highs his afternoon will be seasonal in the lower 50’s. We will have sunny conditions warm us up through the mid-morning along with a southwesterly breeze that will stay mild through the day. This will be one of three seasonal days this week because we will start to have a warm up by tomorrow with highs in the mid to upper 60’s.

Highs this afternoon will be seasonal after a very chilly morning. As you leave the house today you will want to bundle up as conditions stay mild throughout our Monday. Tomorrow we will see a warm up in the forecast with highs in the mid to upper 60’s. However, this will be short-lived as we cool back off with a cold front by Thursday with highs in the upper 30’s; this is very similar to what we saw yesterday. Another 180 happens in the forecast as we warm back up by Friday and Saturday. Saturday will be our warmest day of the week as we get into the lower 70’s across West Texas.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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