Today: Windy and hot conditions will stay in West Texas today, before a cool down tries to slip in through the rest of the week. The afternoon high will rise to 99°.

Tonight: A few isolated showers will try to come into our southern counties tonight with partly cloudy skies area wide. The evening low will drop down to 73° with a warm breeze.

Tomorrow: Hot and dry conditions stay in the forecast tomorrow with breezy conditions not budging. The afternoon high will get up to 98°.

Temperatures this morning are starting off in the upper 60’s and upper 70’s across West Texas. We will quickly warm up through the rest of the day due to a strong southerly breeze. The subtropical ridge that kept us hot this weekend is moving out and that will allow us to see temperatures dropping a few degrees each day.

The dewpoints will be higher than yesterday allowing for the surface to stay dry while the upper atmosphere has some moisture. This could lead to virga through our afternoon and the potential for a haboob. This will be caused by the strong winds that could gust anywhere from 35 to 45 miles per hour. By this evening an isolated thunderstorm or two may come into Gaines, Yoakum, or Dawson counties because of the higher dewpoints.

Highs this afternoon will max out in the upper 90’s and triple digits, but we won’t be as hot as yesterday when we made it to 101 degrees. A southerly breeze will be bringing the heat today with wind gust causing the chanced for a dust storm across the South Plains. Winds are gusting the most they will all day this morning before things try to calm down a bit by this afternoon. However, winds will pick back up and become aggressive tonight which will set us up for a breezy Hump Day.

Hot and dry will stay the name of the game for the rest of the week. The subtropical ridge that made this last weekend our hottest so far this year is moving out, but windy conditions will still bring the heat today. Every day this week temperatures will drop by a couple of degrees which will lead to seasonal highs by the weekend. Today is our only chance for moisture this week due to the upper atmosphere staying saturated. On the other hand, the surface will stay dry which will keep us from seeing widespread showers today, but could lead to an isolated thunderstorm in our southern counties tonight.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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