Today: Sunny day with a light breeze. Highs above seasonally average at 93°.

Tonight: 63° overnight low. Winds shifting from the Southwest to the Southeast.

Tomorrow: Afternoon and evening showers possible across the South Plains. High of 94°

Over this past weekend the South Plains experienced Sunny skies and warmer than average afternoon temperatures. Some eastern areas off of the Caprock has isolated showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Similar conditions possible today, expect sunshine and highs in the 90s. Isolated showers possible again off the Caprock with small amounts of accumulation.

Showers and thunderstorm chances return again with a 20% chance Tuesday for evening. Thunderstorms and Heavier rain accumulation likely for Wednesday and Thursday morning. Saturdays temperatures expected to plummet as a cool front drops highs into the 70s once again.