Morning: Chilly start to today, grab a sweater before heading out the door. Morning low of 56°.

Afternoon: Sunny skies this afternoon will help warm the afternoon to a high temperature of 84.°.

Evening: A few showers along the Texas/New Mexico state line. Temperatures expected to drop to 58°.

The South Plains has gotten to the point in the year when the morning is nice and chilly but temperatures warm again in the afternoon. Before leaving the house this week it is recommended to grab a light sweater that you can easily remove during the hottest parts of the day.

Forecast models are predicting a 20% chance of rain along the Texas/New Mexico state line during the early hours of the afternoon and early evening. These showers will likely dissipate as they move eastward towards Lubbock. Some Virga showers might be possible along with some cloud cover overnight leftover from the rain.

A cold front is still on track to come into the South Plains later this week and significantly cool temperatures by Friday Afternoon. Dropping Highs from the mid 80s down into the lower 70s and 60s. Make sure to bundle up for the eclipse Saturday morning and for the homecoming game on Saturday night.