Today: Partly cloudy will take over today with our coldest day of the week ahead of us. The afternoon high will be near 44°.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy skies will last into tonight as lows drop just below freezing. Temperatures will be near 31°.

Tomorrow: Skies stat to clear by tomorrow allowing sunshine in and seasonal temperatures. The afternoon high will reach 56°.

Our morning is starting off with clear skies and cold with temperatures ranging from the upper teens to the upper 20’s. It feels much chillier outside due to a northeasterly breeze. You may notice some ice on your windshield this morning so give yourself time to let your car warm up and defrost before you head to work.

A northeasterly breeze is currently moving in at three to eight miles per hour. This is much weaker than last nights blustery conditions but this morning is much colder. The afternoon highs will make it into the lower to mid 40’s as clouds creep in and the breeze switches to slide in from the southeast.

Tomorrow will be a much more seasonal day because of a high pressure system that’s making its way into the region. This will set us up with highs in the upper 50’s tomorrow and the lower 70’s by Friday. Sunshine comes in tomorrow making it a great day to get outside by the heat of the day!

Temperatures will stay chilly this morning and a cold afternoon will follow with highs in the lower to mid 40’s with clouds increasing. It will be our coldest day of the week before we start warming back up through to seasonal highs by tomorrow. Rain chances come in with another cold front by Saturday night.

Have a great morning!

-Shelby Mac

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