Weather Ready Nation Report: Flooding Part 2

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The lack of topography and storm sewers across the South Plains makes it hard for rain to escape, especially during big rain events. Here in the Hub City, the areas most prone to flooding are Mackenzie Park and the Marsha Sharp Freeway under University Avenue. While it may seem simple piece of advice to not drive through flooded waters, many people still take the risk. 

Lubbock Fire Rescue Captain of Communications says, don’t. “The saying goes ‘turn around don’t drown’ and while it’s kind of a cheesy saying it’s a good saying. You never know how much that is. You may have drove down that road every day for the last three years but it could be to that point in time where there was enough water going through there that it actually eroded out the roadway right there and you don’t know that. You drive through and all of a sudden you’re in a big hole that was not there before. If there’s any kind of water, especially if you can’t see the curb, make sure to turn around.” 

Ivy says they usually try to block off flooded roadways before people drive through them, and advise not to drive around the barricades. However, if you decide to make the trek anyway and get stuck, Ivy recommends rolling down your windows.

 “If you are ever in one of those spots where you somehow wind up and your car is flooded out and you are in that area, you know you can roll down your window. As soon as your car gets wet, and the electronics in it get wet, then your car is going to shut off and you’re not going to be able to roll down that window. Especially if you are in raging water, or fast flowing water, then you’re not going to be able to open the door. So you know, roll down your window. You can always get on top of your car so that way we can find you and reach you as well.”  

Due to the flatness of the South Plains, we don’t have much moving water when it floods. LFR wants to remind you to not walk through any wading water and make sure your kids are not playing in it either. “Make sure that your kids are not wading in the water as well as splashing in it.” Ivy says. “I know sometimes that can be hard because kids want to be kids but you want to make sure that they’re not in one of those areas because they could get swept away as well.”  

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