Today: Some precipitation still lingering in the South Plains but unlike previous days this accumulation will be in the form of rain and will not freeze. Warming will occur this afternoon with highs near to 50 °.

Tonight: Clear Skies and chilly temperatures overnight. Lows close to 24°.

Tomorrow: Seasonally average conditions back tomorrow. Clear and sunny in the afternoon with a high temperature around 58°.

Happy Groundhog Day! Although Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow this morning, which according to superstition means that there are six more weeks of winter, conditions across the South Plains will be more spring like for the next few days.
After a cold start early this morning temperatures are quickly climbing into the 50s for this February afternoon. This will melt off the last of the ice left behind by the previous days winter storms.
The warmth and sunshine continues into the weekend with afternoon highs reaching well above seasonal averages. Eastern South Plains possibly climbing into the 70’s early next week before a cool front drops highs into the 50’s once again.

Stay Safe and Happy Groundhog Day!

-Forecaster Madison Hartin