Today: A cold morning will be followed by a cold afternoon with a light northwesterly breeze moving in. The afternoon high will be near 50° with mostly cloudy skies.

Tonight: Mostly clear skies move in tonight and we will drop below freezing overnight. Temperatures will be dropping down to 27°.

Tomorrow: Sunshine comes in tomorrow with our warmest day we’ve had all week on tap. The afternoon high will be near 54°.

We are starting off our Wednesday morning with temperatures in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s. It will be a very cold morning so treat yourself to your favorite hot holiday drink! We will continue to stay below the freezing mark until about 8 AM. Temperatures will slowly rise through the day due to mostly cloudy skies not letting much sunshine in.

After a cold morning we will have chilly lunch hours with temperatures in the lower 40’s. Thankfully, we will warm into the upper 40’s and lower 50’s for a mild afternoon that is a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. A light breeze from the northwest will continue to push in cooler air keeping us about 15 degrees cooler than the seasonal average.

Our warmest day so far this week will move in by tomorrow with highs ranging from the lower 50’s to the upper 50’s. Sunshine will take over but don’t get used to it because a cold front comes in by tomorrow night. This will set us up to have highs in the 30’s by Friday but at least we won’t be as cold as Ames, Iowa on Saturday!

Temperatures will stay chilly today as we only make it into the upper 40’ and lower 50’s. Bone-chilling conditions will last every morning this week with highs staying about 20 degrees below the seasonal averages. The mid 50’s don’t come into the forecast until Thursday afternoon but we cool off again by the weekend as a strong front moves into the region by Friday and keeps highs in the 30’s.

Have a great morning!

-Shelby Mac

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