Today: A cool front will slide into the region through the morning with a chance for rain and mostly cloudy skies. The afternoon high will be near 85°, which is seasonal.

Tonight: Scattered thunderstorms will continue to come through the South Plains overnight but slide out by tomorrow morning. The evening low will be dropping down to 64°.

Tomorrow: Clouds will start to thin out tomorrow with heat coming back into the forecast. The afternoon high will be near 87°.

A cool front will slip into the region as we go into the rest of the day leading to mostly cloudy skies and more seasonal temperatures. Rain will mostly stay in our western and central counties and pick up through the evening and overnight. There will be a chance for a few stray showers tomorrow morning but dry conditions return by tomorrow afternoon.

As you head out the door this morning you may want to grab your rain jacket if you live west of I-27/ US-87. Rain chances will pick up as we go into the rest of the day and more widespread thunderstorms will take place in our western counties. Our central counties won’t see too much chance for rain until you are home from work tonight and will last into our overnight hours.

Highs today will make it into the mid 80’s as a cool front comes through and brings a small chance for rain in. This will be the only day all week that thunderstorms will move through and mostly cloudy skies will last through the majority of the day.

A cool front is moving into West Texas this morning bringing in clouds and a chance for rain later this afternoon. Most of the rain will stay in our western and central counties but won’t become too widespread until we go into our evening and overnight hours. Seasonal temperatures today will be followed by temperatures staying in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s through the rest of the week.

Have a great afternoon!

-Shelby Mac

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