Tonight: Mostly sunny skies for this Friday night. Temperatures will quickly cool off into the mid 60s.

Tomorrow: Cool front will drop afternoon High’s into the mid 80s and 20% possibility of isolated showers for the late afternoon and evening.

Sunny skies and warm temperatures are expected for the first part of this evening. Kickoff time for Friday night high school football is at 7:00 P.M and conditions will still be hot for the first half of them game. By half-time temperatures will have cooled down into the 70’s. It is recommended to dress in layers or to bring a light jacket to watch the games.

Tomorrow morning is expected to be clear but a cold front could drop afternoon highs in the mid 70’s as well as some isolated showers in the late afternoon and evening.

Kickoff for Texas Tech football is still scheduled for Saturday at 3:00 P.M. The chances for scattered showers that day will likely not impact the start time for the game but may interfere with any post game plans. It is important to stay safe and go slow on the roadways.

Hope everyone has a fun Gameday and a safe weekend.

-Forecaster Madison Hartin