Good morning early birds!

Today we will feel like fall with a high of 72 degrees. Relatively cooler conditions will be expected across the South Plains with only a minimal rise in temperatures.

Tonight will still be cool; Lubbock’s low will be 45 degrees with clear skies and winds will shift more westward.

Tomorrow will begin the warm up with a high of 79 degrees. Conditions continue to remain somewhat quiet with not a whole lot of action; clear skies, winds out of the south southwest at 10-15 mph, and sunshine.

Extended Forecast:

Tuesday night will start to warm up with a low of 50 and a high of 82 for Wednesday. Winds will shift more northern and bring us more wind with speeds of 12-18 mph.

Wednesday night will cool to 48 degrees bringing us a chillier night. Thursday will see a high of 79 for a nice and sunny day. Winds will continue to blow a bit more at 10-15 mph from the southwest.

Thursday night will cool to 50 degrees and Friday is expecting a high of 83 degrees with nice and sunny conditions.

Friday night will warm up slowly with a high of 83 and this weekend is looking like a warm one for Saturday; a high of 87 degrees is expected with southerly winds.

Saturday night will cool to around 52 with a high of 74 for a sunny Sunday.

Make this week count!