LUBBOCK, Texas- The infamous West Texas dry line is going to be at work today. It will receive help from upper-level ingredients, as well as a cold front which will move through late tonight. Isolated thunderstorms are expected this evening in the eastern Rolling Plains after 6:00 pm. The dry line will keep those storms in the eastern counties during the evening. Later tonight, around 10:00 pm, a cold front will move in from the west and will interact with the dry line. That will help to form thunderstorms and quickly push them to the east. Heavy rain is absolutely possible with all the moisture in place. There will be the potential for egg, to tennis ball size hail, with any storm. There is a low tornado potential in the eastern counties. Lubbock’s main concerns, if storms form that far west, will be egg size hail and 70 mph wind gusts with any storm. There will also be heavy rain if storms impact Lubbock. There will be mostly sunny skies later this afternoon, with a high temperature of 86°.

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