Good evening! We are routing on TTU as they play against Kansas State on this nice and sunny day.

We’ve seen a high of 67 degrees putting us nine below the current average high of 76 degrees.

Tonight: We are going to drop down to 40 degrees with some serious chill throughout the night! Tomorrow morning we could see some frost.

Tomorrow: Sunday is going to bring us what looks like another high of 67 degrees. It will remain quite cool to finish off the weekend with winds out of the northeast around 5-10 mph.

Extended Forecast:

Sunday night we will drop to around 42 degrees with another very chilly night and some possible frost for Monday. Monday will reach a high of 72 with nice and sunny skies and southerly winds at 5-10 mph.

Monday night we will drop down to 46 degrees with a high of 79 for Tuesday. Winds will be out of the south southwest at 10-15 mph.

Tuesday night will start to warm up with a low of 53 and a high of 82 for Wednesday. Winds will shift more northern and breezy speeds of 12-18 mph.

Wednesday night will cool to 49 and Thursday will see a high of 77 for a nice and sunny day.

Thursday night will cool to 49 again and a high of 81 for Friday with nice and sunny conditions.

Friday night will bring us a low of 52 degrees with more nice and sunny weather for next weekend.

I hope you’ve all had a great evening, guns up!