LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Forecaster Kathryn Campbell has your Sunday evening weather update!

Today: We had a nice, sunny day with temperatures reaching a high of 76 degrees here in Lubbock, TX. Winds picked up a bit after lunch, with gusts around 20 mph.

Tonight: We will drop to 43 degrees leading into Monday morning.

Tomorrow: High winds will sneak their way in, out of the southwest. They will get up to around 18-22 mph. Temperatures will rise and we will see a high of 76 degrees. Enjoy that warmth while it lasts, because it will be gone soon!

Monday night temperatures will drop to 36 degrees and we will see only a high of 49 degrees on Tuesday. Winds will move out of the north, bringing gusts around 35 mph. Tuesday night temperatures will drop back to below freezing, at 29 degrees.

Wednesday we will see a high of 58 degrees. It will be mostly sunny with hardly any clouds in the sky.

Overnight into Thursday, we’ll see a low of 35 with a high of 52 degrees. Winds will pick back up out of the north/ northwest around 15-20 mph.

Temperatures Thursday night into Friday will drop to below freezing again, sitting at 27 degrees. Friday temperatures will remain around the same, with a high of 51.

Saturday will have another low of below freezing with 26 degrees, but we will see temperatures finally rising throughout the day. Saturday’s high will be 59 degrees.

Sunday temperatures will almost get to that 70s mark again, giving us an estimated high of 67 degrees.

Enjoy your sunny couple of days, West Texas!