LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Forecaster Kathryn Campbell has your Tuesday morning weather update for October 17th, 2023.

Good morning early birds!

Today we are seeing a lot of sunshine and beautiful blue skies. This week is not feeling a whole lot like fall; 80s will be the trend with sunny skies and very minimal cloud coverage at all. Today will see a high of 81 degrees with south southwest winds at 12 mph. It may even feel a bit warmer than the current temperature with the sunshine.

Tonight is dropping to 52 with clear and calm conditions across the South Plains.

Tomorrow will rise to another 81 degrees with more sunshine and a bit higher wind speeds.

Extended Forecast:

Wednesday night will be chilly dropping to 47 degrees with clear skies.

Thursday will see a high of 80 for a nice and sunny day. Winds will continue to blow a bit more at 10-15 mph from the west southwest direction.

Thursday night will cool to 50 degrees and Friday is expecting a high of 84 degrees with nice, sunny and clear conditions.

Friday night will warm up with a high of 84 and this weekend is looking like a warm one for Saturday; a high of 86 degrees is expected with southerly winds.

Saturday night will barely cool to around 55 with a high of 85 for a very sunny and warm Sunday. Sunday night will drop down to 58 degrees with Monday maintaining the trend; 84 degrees.

Enjoy the week and the sunshine!