Good morning and happy Tuesday, South Plains!

Today is looking a lot cooler, especially for this morning. We will barely be reaching a high of 58 degrees here in Lubbock. Winds will be somewhat calm, around 15-20 mph.

Tonight we will be getting above that freezing mark with a low of 36 degrees.

Temperatures are looking warmer for Wednesday, with a high of 74 degrees. It will be breezy at times and winds will be moving more south around 15-20 mph.

Extended Forecast:

Overnight into Thursday we will see a low of 49 degrees. Thursday will have a high of 80 degrees with winds picking up. We could see some evening showers with storms coming from the east. It will be mostly cloudy throughout the entire day.

Friday will have a low of 53 degrees and a high of 71. There could be a fire danger since winds will be picking up significantly, blowing from the west around 30 mph.

Overnight into Saturday we will see temperatures drop to 39 degrees for April Fools Day. Saturday will have a high of 77 degrees with calmer winds throughout the day and partly cloudy conditions.

Sunday will be warmer with a low of 47 and a high around 86 degrees. It will be breezier at times. The sun will be out and shining with mostly sunny conditions.

Monday will see a high around 87 and a low of 49 degrees. We will have winds from the southwest around 18-22 mph.

Tuesday temperatures will be cooling off, giving us a high around 68 degrees and a low around 52.

Have a great Tuesday and brace yourselves for some warmer weather later this week!