LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Chief Meteorologist Jacob Riley breaks down the stats from July 2022.

Data dates back to 1915 for historical weather data in Lubbock. Since then, we have not had a July as hot as the one we just saw.

The average temperature for July 2022 was 86.8°, shattering the old record of 86.0° set back in 2011 by nearly 1°. Our average high temperature was 100.2°, and our average low temperature was 73.5°. The average high and low temperatures were also the warmest in Lubbock’s history.

In regard to precipitation, Lubbock saw one of its driest Julys on records. We officially reported 0.10″ of rainfall at the official ASOS site at Preston Smith International Airport, which is where all official weather data is recorded for the city of Lubbock. This was the 5th driest July recorded in Lubbock’s history.

Another record that was set was the amount of +100° days that were recorded in the month. The previous record amount of +100°days was 17, set back in 1940. This year, Lubbock had 18 days where the temperature topped out in the triple digits.

Overall, dry and warm conditions plagued most of the South Plains region throughout the month of July. As we head into August, it doesn’t appear that things will get any better. The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting temperatures to remain above average, with precipitation remaining below average.