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KLBK AM Weather June 8, 2018

LUBBOCK, Texas - We saw more thunderstorms in the northeastern counties yesterday, but unfortunately, they did not come into Lubbock. So, we are still well in a deficit for the year at nearly four inches. Today will stay dry and warm. Skies will be mostly sunny, with wind at 10-15 mph. It will be a better day to get outside, but the air is still going to let you know that it's late spring. Lubbock will get to a high of 98°. There will be storms moving from west to east after 8:00 pm across the state line.

Tonight we will see these thunderstorms crossing the state line and moving east from 8:00 pm-3:00 am. It's looking like coverage is going to be 20% with this storm complex. We'll get some clouds in the area to start your Saturday. However, the rest of the day will see sunny skies and more warm air. The high will get to 95° here in Lubbock. Wind will stay at 10-15 mph. So, at least we're seeing highs in two digits.

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