LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Friday morning weather update!

Today: Dry, hot, and windy. Fire danger high. High of 90°. Winds W 20-25 MPH.
Tonight: Cold front arrives overnight. Low of 51°. Winds NE 15-20 MPH.
A pleasantly warm, dry day. High of 81°. Winds NE/SE 12-18 MPH.

A hot, dry, and windy day will close out our work week, with high fire danger expected all across West Texas. As we head into the weekend, severe thunderstorms will be possible!

The dry line will punch to the east quickly today, pushing dry air across the whole region. This hot, dry air will be accompanied by west winds around 20 to 25 mph with some gusts over 30 mph, and that means fire danger will be quite high today as relative humidity falls to between 3 and 5%. Red Flag Warnings encompass the entire KLBK viewing area today from 10am to 9pm, so please take precautions to minimize the risk of sparking a wildfire. As dry as it has been, we still haven’t greened up much, and there is still plenty of fuel for fires to take advantage of.

Tonight, a cold front will sweep in as a storm system passes by well to the north, and that will lead to a cooler start to the weekend. Saturday looks like a pretty nice day, with morning lows in the low 50s and afternoon highs in the low 80s! Winds should be mostly under control thanks to the generally weak nature of the front, and should start to turn more toward the southeast by the end of the day.

Those southeast winds are going to be critical to our storm chances on Sunday. Moisture will surge back into the area Sunday morning behind an advancing warm front, and the dry line will set up out west. A developing low pressure system in northeastern NM will provide a lifting mechanism, and as a result, severe thunderstorms will be possible on Sunday across much of the South Plains! This setup is still not clear cut, and the exact results of this system will come down to smaller-scale features that we still can’t fully resolve this far out, but the ingredients for rain and storms will be in place, with severe weather a distinct possibility.

Next week, a series of weak cold fronts will keep our weather a bit active, though mostly dry conditions will prevail for much of the week. A few showers could be in the picture on Wednesday, but otherwise it looks like a fairly agreeable week of weather is shaping up for the first week of May.

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay safe!

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
April 29th, 2022