LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Friday morning weather update!

Today: Mostly dry and warmer. Chance of rain: 10%. High of 90°. Winds SE 8-13 MPH.
Dry and mild, with humidity increasing. Chance of rain: 10%. Low of 66°. Winds E 5-10 MPH.
Widespread showers and storms move in from the west, with flash flooding possible especially in the evening. Chance of rain: 70%. High of 85°. Winds SE 10-15 MPH.

We’re closing out the week with agreeable weather, but things are about to get interesting as heavy rainfall is looking more and more likely for all of the South Plains!

Dry air in the mid levels has pushed in this morning, and that will keep our skies mostly clear as well as allowing our temperatures to rise closer to average this afternoon, with highs ranging from the upper 80s out west to the mid 90s in the Rolling Plains. Rain chances will be minimal, but not zero as a few pop up storms may form over our southwestern corner in the early evening. Chances are low at about 10 to 20%.

Tonight, humidity will start to increase and set the stage for major rainfall this weekend, though we will stay mostly dry overnight aside from a stray shower or two. Lows will bottom out in the upper 60s.

Tomorrow, cloudcover will greet the dawn and continually thicken through the day. A dense plume of mid-level monsoon moisture, turbocharged by the remnant circulation of Invest 98L that formed in the Gulf a week ago and has been meandering over the desert southwest this week, will move overhead. This will interact with a weak front as it enters the region, and that should trigger widespread heavy rainfall beginning from west to east on Saturday during the afternoon.

The shield of moderate to heavy rain will overspread nearly the entire area, but it will be distinctly focused on areas to the north of Lubbock, with a corridor of widespread 3-5″ rainfall totals possible. There could be some localized totals in excess of 6 inches, and with the ground as parched as it is, this will likely lead to a lot of runoff and flooding will be a concern especially on Sunday. This could result in nearly doubling our rainfall for the year to date, and is likely to be the most significant rainfall we have seen in at least the last year. As a result of the flooding potential, we are issuing a Weather Aware Day for Sunday.

Amid all the rain and cloudcover, temperatures will be well below normal for the coming week, with highs in the upper 70s and low 80s! Rain may linger through much of the coming week, though chances and amounts will be much lower than over the weekend.

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
August 19th, 2022