LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Friday morning weather update!

Today: A strong front arrives in the afternoon, bringing gusty winds, high fire danger, and possibly some blowing dust. High of 69°. Winds W to N 20-35 MPH.
Tonight: Strong winds continue overnight as the cold air continues to rush in. Low of 27°. Winds N 25-35 MPH.
Tomorrow: More strong winds and much cooler temperatures for Saturday. Wind chill values are expected in the teens much of the day, and blowing dust will continue to be a problem High of 42°. Winds N 25-35 MPH.

I hope you made the most of the nice days we had during the middle of this week, because some big changes are coming to close out our work week. A powerful upper level storm system is diving south across the Great Plains today, and that is going to push a very strong cold front through our area. This front will arrive during the early afternoon, and before it arrives, highs will reach the upper 60s yet again. The front will arrive with a surge of wind, and possibly a pretty good amount of dust! With the warm temperatures and the strong winds, fire danger will be a big concern this afternoon. Red Flag Warnings are in effect from noon through 6pm, so we strongly advise refraining from any activities that could cause a spark today. Any fires that ignite will quickly spread out of control.

Tonight, we will see continued strong winds as the upper level storm system continues churning off to the east. Unfortunately, the portion of this system that could provide rain or snow chances will pass well to the east, primarily affecting Arkansas and Missouri. We get all of the wind with none of the precipitation. Wind gusts over 40mph will be common overnight, with lows dipping down to the mid 20s.

Strong north winds will continue through the day on Saturday, and despite mostly clear skies, we will see highs struggle to reach the 40s tomorrow. With winds at 25 to 35 mph and gusts over 40, wind chill values will be in the teens and 20s all day long.

This cold front will not stick around for long as the upper level storm system races off to the east, we’ll get a very quick warmup going Sunday, with temperatures returning to the 60s.

Extended Forecast:

The first half of next week will be pretty quiet and agreeable. A very weak front will sneak through Sunday night, but that will only give us a couple of degrees of cooling for Monday. Temperatures will jump up to near 70 degrees on Tuesday.

The forecast heading into the late week remains highly uncertain due to several factors in the upper atmosphere that remain tough to pin down, but it looks likely that the upper level pattern is going to amplify. Amplification is when waves in the jet stream grow taller, with the troughs and ridges growing latitudinally much like turning up the volume on a sound wave. This favors more notable warm or cold spells, depending on whether you wind up under a trough or a ridge. Right now, it is looking possible that a pretty significant intrusion of cold air is likely east of the Rockies, but how far west this cold air will surge is the point of contention for our forecast here in the south plains. We will be watching closely as this evolves, so stay tuned to KLBK for updates!

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
January 14th, 2021