LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Friday morning weather update!

Today: Mild and mostly cloudy, with scattered showers. Chance of rain: 30% High of 75°. Winds E 10-15 MPH.
Showers continue through the night. Chance of rain: 40% Low of 55°. Winds E 5-10 MPH.
Scattered showers and cool temperatures under a gray sky. Chance of rain: 40% High of 67°. Winds ESE 10-15 MPH.

We’re bringing the work week to a close with continued rain chances and cloudy skies. Monsoon moisture remains in place today, and that will continue to fuel shower activity over large portions of the South Plains, especially during the afternoon as a bit of instability develops.

We have plenty of fuel but there isn’t much in the way of sources of lift as upper level flow remains weak, so showers will be disorganized and unfocused, though there appears to be a slight favoring of northwestern areas once again today, though folks to the south and east who haven’t had much rain the past couple of days will be more in play for this afternoon’s rain. Cloudcover will remain in place with the showers, though some sun will make it through at times and that will allow areas to the southeast to reach the upper 70s and low 80s, with upper 60s to the northwest. Lubbock’s high will reach 75 degrees.

A weak cold front will provide an extra bit of cooling and also some of the necessary lift for tomorrow to generate more showers over the area. Instability will remain weak so there is not much chance of thunderstorms, but the ample moisture in place will allow tropical style showers to persist through much of the day, with little to no sunshine. A band will likely form somewhere along that weak frontal boundary with somewhat heavier rain possible wherever that sets up.

Rain potential continues to increase into the weekend as we will have better upper level support Sunday and Monday, and a more widespread wave of rain will develop with heavy rain and thunderstorms possible! The rain will taper off into midweek, with more sunshine, but the pattern will overall remain favorable for rainfall in the next couple of weeks, and more rain chances look likely past the end of the 7-day forecast!

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
October 7th, 2022