LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Friday morning weather update!

Today: Very windy and very warm, with blowing dust possible. High of 74°. Winds WSW 22-28 MPH.
Cold front arrives overnight, bringing gusty winds and chilly temps. Low of 36°. Winds NE 15-20 MPH.
Chilly and cloudy, with some light showers especially north. Chance of rain: 40%. High of 49°. Winds ENE 12-18 MPH.

A warm and windy day is shaping up for the south plains as several factors all come together that will help us to warm up. Strong winds from the west at 22 to 28 mph will give a strong downslope warming effect, in addition to compressional warming from an approaching cold front, bright sunshine, and upper level high pressure nosing its way into the area. These factors will all come together to push our afternoon highs into the mid 70s! As long as you don’t mind the winds, today will be an unseasonably mild day all across West Texas.

Tonight, the cold front will push through and bring more gusty winds overnight, with temperatures quickly trailing off and a deck of cloudcover developing by sunrise. The clouds will hold temperatures down in the 40s for highs tomorrow, and a wave of showers is likely to develop behind the front and move over the area in the afternoon. These showers will be light and will have a bit of dry air at the surface to overcome, so precipitation amounts will be on the light side, but this could make for a damp and chilly evening for the Miracles Christmas Parade which begins at 6pm.

The showers will remain in the area overnight but taper off by Sunday morning, though cloudcover is expected to persist over the area through the day on Sunday. Temps will warm somewhat to the low 60s, giving the second half of the weekend a gloomy but otherwise pleasant feel.

Warmer weather builds back in early next week with a windy and warm Monday. Another system may bring the possibility of rain by midweek, though forecast models are still in disagreement about how things will play out with the next storm system around that time frame, so chances of rain remain low for now. What is expected is that mild weather will be with us through much of next week, with highs in the 60s.

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
December 2nd, 2022