LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Friday morning weather update!

Today: Warm and breezy. High of 82°. Winds SW 15-20 MPH.
Cool and breezy. Low of 58°. Winds SW 12-18 MPH.
Very warm and windy. High of 85°. Winds WSW 20-25 MPH.

It’s going to be a little warmer and a little windier to close out our work week, and we’ll continue to ramp up our temperatures and wind speeds into the weekend.

We’re still under an area of high pressure today that will keep skies mostly clear and allow for another warm day, with highs reaching the low 80s in Lubbock to the upper 80s to the east. Winds will be a bit breezier then yesterday, gradually increasing through the day to 15 to 20 mph out of the southwest. Overall, a good outdoor day, but the changes we’re seeing today will continue into the weekend.

Our next storm system will be diving into the west coast over the weekend, and that will put strong jet stream winds in the upper levels over our area, and this should lead to the some of the windiest days we’ve had since the spring! Winds will be about 20 to 25 mph sustained with gusts up to 40 for Texas Tech homecoming on Saturday, and the strong westerly winds will help to boot high temperatures even more to the mid 80s. Cloudcover will start to increase on Sunday as the storm system approaches, and wind speeds will be continue to be a nuisance on Sunday and potentially enough to kick up some dust.

Moisture will be on the lower end of the spectrum with this system, and we will likely not see a major rainfall event. The bulk of the shower and thunderstorm activity is expected to come together to our east, though some wrap-around moisture on the back side of the system on Monday looks like the most likely scenario for rain across the bulk of the KLBK area. Light showers will be possible on Monday, and late in the day it might get cold enough for a few flakes of snow to mix in for areas to the northwest, though there is little chance of anything significant.

A strong front will follow behind the upper low, pushing temperatures down into the 60s for highs next week. This will come with more strong winds and some potential for blowing dust on Tuesday, depending on how much rain we get on Monday. Current indications are that another system may be following behind and could bring impacts later next week, though the impacts remain unclear for now.

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
October 21st, 2022