LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Monday morning weather update!

Today: A pleasant afternoon! High of 63°. Winds SW 12-18 MPH.
Tonight: Winds will remain breezy overnight, which will keep us above freezing. Low of 36°. Winds N 10-15 MPH.
Tomorrow: Stronger winds move in during the afternoon, some dust could fly! High of 71°. Winds W 20-30 MPH.

We’ve got a lot of changes coming to our weather this week, but before those arrive, some nice weather is on tap for your Martin Luther King Jr. Monday! A small, fairly weak upper level high will keep our skies mostly clear, with temperatures warming quickly into the lower 60s this afternoon, a bit above our normal highs for January. Winds will be a bit breezy this afternoon, but not enough to be much of a problem.

Tonight, winds will continue around 10 to 15 mph overnight, which in conjunction with a wave of high level clouds overnight will keep us a bit warmer, with lows expected around 36 in Lubbock Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, the initial effects of a powerful upper level storm system will manifest in strong west winds sweeping across the plains, and those will be strong enough to loft some dust and give us a fairly hazy afternoon. Wind gusts over 40 mph are possible as well, so fire danger will also be quite high on Tuesday.

Extended Forecast:

The aforementioned upper level storm system will arrive Wednesday with a strong cold front. It is possible that we will hit our highs for the day at midnight on Wednesday, with temperatures struggling to recover from morning lows against the intruding cold air during the afternoon. Skies should stay mostly clear during the day, with highs in the upper 40s and strong northeast winds.

The cold air will settle into place overnight Wednesday and into Thursday, and that is going to give us a very cold day Thursday with temperatures only expected to barely squeak above freezing for a few hours during the afternoon. In addition, we will still have a bit of lift in the upper levels while this cold air is in place, and that could yield a few snow showers! Unfortunately for the fans of snow (myself included), there will not be much moisture in place for this system to work with, so our snow chances will stay low, and widespread accumulations are not expected.

The upper level pattern is looking to favor several subsequent storm systems heading into next week, plus more cold air. The details remain tough to pin down for now, but a colder and wetter end to January is looking like a real possibility. As always, we will be keeping an eye on it for you, so stay tuned to KLBK for the latest!

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
January 17th, 2021