The forecast remains on track for this weekend as a major rainfall event is still expected to move across the South Plains!

A wave of rich moisture is moving overhead, resulting in widespread cloudiness through the morning. Spotty shower activity is expected to increase in coverage through the afternoon hours, beginning from west to east across the area. Rainfall has already filled in to near 100% coverage west of the NM state line, and will continue to spread to the east through the afternoon.

Future Radar: 5:30pm Saturday

Rainfall will generally be moderate to heavy at times through the evening hours and into Sunday, though severe weather is not expected with this system. Flooding will be a concern as the heavy rain comes down on parched, hardened soils across the region, which will enhance runoff and reduce the amount of water absorbed by the ground. Widespread rainfall totals will be in excess of an inch, with upwards of four inches possible in some localized areas. The highest totals appear to favor the northern half of the KLBK viewing area, though this system is practically a guarantee of rainfall for just about everyone.

Future Radar: 4:30pm Sunday

Rain will persist through the day on Sunday, gradually reducing in coverage from west to east later on in the day, though lingering storm development will be around into Monday morning.

If you live in flood prone areas, plan ahead in case high water may threaten you or your property. Never drive into flooded roadways. It only takes 6 inches of flowing water to wash away your vehicle, and roads may be washed out underneath the water where you cannot see. Stay safe out there, and enjoy the rain!

Jack Maney