LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Thursday morning weather update!

Today: Overcast and quite cold, a few flurries possible especially further west. High of 31°. Winds NE 10-15 MPH.
Tonight: Clouds clear just after sunset, winds become light. The perfect recipe for overnight cooling! Low of 15°. Winds VAR 0-5.
Tomorrow: Clear skies will help us warm up a bit, with winds changing to southerly. High of 48°. Winds S 12-18 MPH.

There’s a lot of chill on the wind today! Arctic air is firmly in place this morning, with a deck of low clouds overhead and very cold temperatures that will hang tough for most of the day. There’s a few snow flurries around the area this morning, but those are generally weakening and will be pretty much gone by midday. Temperatures will be sluggish to rise thanks to that cloud cover, and we will not see temperatures make it above the freezing mark this afternoon. A high of 30 degrees will round out a very cold day on the south plains.

Clouds will clear out late in the day, though we should keep them until about sunset. Overnight, clear skies and calm winds will settle in, which is ideal for cooling overnight. As a result, temperatures will nose dive into the low teens tonight, with some spots getting into the single digits near sunrise Friday morning!

Friday will still be chilly, but the sun will be out, and that will help to warm up that arctic air a bit. It’s looking like we should climb back above freezing by mid to late morning tomorrow, and highs will reach the mid to upper 40s! Winds will switch around to the south, and it looks like a nice, if a bit chilly day to close out the week.

Extended Forecast:

Heading into the weekend, another upper level storm system is going to come into the picture, splitting off from the main flow of the jet stream and hovering over the desert Southwest over the weekend. A weak front associated with this feature will slide through on Saturday, halting our warmup and keeping it chilly for the first half of the weekend.

The upper level storm will swing to the east late Sunday and early Monday, but unfortunately the positioning will be all wrong as it moves by. The track of the highest lift with the system will pass well to our south, and that coupled with dry air already in place makes it look like we will stay completely dry with this system.

Looking further ahead, though, I feel a bit more optimistic about our precipitation prospects! The jet stream pattern has been shifting a bit recently. For the last month or so, a longwave ridge to our west has kept the storm track displaced well to the north and east, which just gives us dry cold fronts as they give the midwest and the deep south plenty of shots at precipitation and cold air. Looking ahead, it looks like the longwave ridge will push west, bringing more storm systems closer to us here on the south plains. It’s still too early to call, but after the swing and a miss on Monday, another storm system with at least a little bit of precipitation potential looks on track for late in the week, and then more may be following close behind. We’ll be keeping an eye on it for you, so stick with KLBK for the latest!

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
January 20th, 2022