LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Thursday morning weather update!

Today: Clear, warm, and calm. High of 86°. Winds W 10-15 MPH.
Tonight: A mild, calm night. Low of 59°. Winds S 5-10 MPH.
Hotter temperatures build with breezy winds. High of 94°. Winds S 15-20 MPH.

We’ll have a nice, quiet day of weather for this Thursday, but the heat is about to build as we head into the weekend!

The upper level storm system that brought us our rain and storms earlier this week is pulling further and further east, and right on its heels is a strong ridge of high pressure that will settle in overhead for the next few days, promoting a strong warming trend through the end of the week. Today will be an overall calm day, with temperatures warming into the mid 80s and winds staying mostly light out of the west at 10 to 15 mph under clear skies. Great outdoor weather especially for fans of warmer temperatures!

Tonight, lows will fall to the upper 50s and lower 60s, warmer than this morning, and that will position us for additional warming for Friday. Temperatures will soar into the upper 90s for highs tomorrow under continued clear skies, and winds will be a bit stronger out of the south at 15 to 20 mph.

Over the weekend, temperatures will peak in the triple digits with 102 degrees expected on Saturday and 100 on Sunday. Winds will become quite gusty, and that will lead to elevated fire danger. Thankfully, we have gotten the grass to green up a bit, so wildfire fuels will be a bit less conducive, though hot, dry, and windy conditions could definitely promote rapid fire spread over the weekend. For any outdoor activities, be careful about causing sparks and also remember your heat safety precautions!

Another storm system will develop over the western US by early next week, and that will bring jet stream energy to our area by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Shower and thunderstorm chances will potentially return, though it is still much too early to determine specifics on intensity and location.

Have a great Thursday!

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
May 26th, 2022