LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Thursday morning weather update!

Today: A weak front will cause slight cooling, otherwise more warm and sunny weather! High of 88°. Winds NE/SE 10-15 MPH
Calm and cool. Low of 63°. Winds S 10-15 MPH.
Warm and breezy. High of 90°. Winds SW 12-18 MPH.

The last few hours of Summer will be warm and dry, even though a cold front is going to cool our temperatures a little from yesterday!

With the front moving through this morning, that is giving us northerly winds to start the day and somewhat cooler morning lows in the lower 60s. That will give way to warm and sunny conditions again today, though with highs in the upper 80s instead of the low 90s. Not much of a cold front at all, and the north winds will turn back to the southeast by the end of the day.

Tonight, temperatures will cool to the low 60s with gentle overnight breezes. Tomorrow, any effects of today’ front will be gone as temperatures rebound to the low 90s with nearly clear skies all day long. That sort of weather will persist into Saturday, and TTU gameday is looking warm and sunny with low 90s and southwest winds. Remember to wear your sunscreen if you’re heading to the Jones to see the Red Raiders take on the Longhorns!

A passing storm system far to our north will drag another cold front into the area on Sunday, and that will have a somewhat stronger punch to it with stronger northeast winds and temperatures cooling to near average in the low to mid 80s by Monday. The front will lack the moisture needed to provide rain, and we will stay dry through the weekend.

The tropics continue to be active as Hurricane Fiona heads toward Bermuda as a Category 4 storm today, eventually affecting the maritime regions of Canada in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia by the weekend. In the Caribbean, Invest 98L is likely to develop into a tropical cyclone over the weekend, and next week could be headed into the Gulf of Mexico. This one does pose a threat to land and needs to be tracked carefully.

Have a tremendous Thursday!

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
September 22nd, 2022