LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Wednesday morning weather update!

Today: Foggy in the morning, mild in the afternoon. High of 63°. Winds SW 12-18 MPH.
Cold front arrives around midnight, bringing windy and chilly conditions overnight. Low of 35°. Winds N 15-20 MPH.
Gusty winds, increasing clouds, chilly temperatures, and a slight chance of winter mix late in the day ahead of a possible winter storm Friday. High of 48°. Winds N 22-28 MPH.

A foggy morning will give way to a nice, mild day in the afternoon. Partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the low to mid 60s today will keep us nice, with a southwest breeze at 12 to 18 mph.

Tonight, changes will roll in as a cold front moves in from the northwest. This will bring gusty winds overnight and drop temps down to the mid 30s by Thanksgiving morning. Winds at 22 to 28 mph are going to be the main feature of the holiday’s weather, and will give a bit of bite to the afternoon high of 48 degrees. Strong winds persist all day long, and that will lead to a holiday better spent indoors. Temperatures will trail off quickly after sunset, and will be approaching freezing by midnight.

Around the time temperatures approach freezing, precipitation will begin as a low pressure system ramps up over Texas. The center of this low is going to be somewhere to our south and east, and this is going to potentially put Lubbock into a prime position to see precipitation as it wraps around the north and west side of the low. The system will stall out and remain fairly stationary through the day on Friday, bringing a prolonged period of potential precipitation, some of which could be in the form of heavy snow!

Temperatures will hover in the low to mid 30s on Friday, often near or just below freezing, and that will support potential winter weather on Black Friday. Colder temperatures aloft on the back side of the low will keep this as either rain or snow, with little ice or sleet potential. The transition line from rain to snow will be somewhere closeby, and this makes the forecast for Friday particularly tricky, as high impact winter weather will be closely bordered by regions that get away with a simple cold rain. The highest chance of heavy snow will be from Lubbock to the north and west, with a sharp transition to rain and wintry mix for the Rolling Plains where amounts will be much lower.

The snow will come to and end Saturday morning, and then temperatures recover quickly back to the 50s and 60s early next week. Stay tuned to KLBK for the latest, and download the KLBK First Warning Weather app to stay ahead of the storm.

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
November 23rd, 2022