LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Meteorologist Jack Maney has your Wednesday morning weather update!

Today: Windy, mild, and mostly cloudy with afternoon clearing. High of 74°. Winds S 20-25 MPH.
Some clouds overnight, with clearing skies as a cold front arrives near dawn. Low of 57°. Winds S to NW 10-15 MPH.
Mostly clear skies and slightly cooler, another cold front arrives later in the evening. High of 69°. Winds NW 12-18 MPH.

Another windy, humid, and unseasonably warm day is coming for our Wednesday, but we are still watching for some bigtime changes to roll in before the end of the week!

Winds will be strong out of the south today at 20 to 25 mph, and that will be a bit of a nuisance for outdoor activities, though otherwise it looks like we will keep things unseasonably warm with mid to upper 70s for highs across the region, reaching 74 degrees here in Lubbock. Skies start out cloudy in the morning, but those clouds will clear out and give way to bright sunshine by the afternoon.

Tonight, clouds will attempt to reform overnight, but they will not have as long to sit overhead as dry air is expected to roll in near sunrise tomorrow behind our initial cold front, which will move in from the northwest. This front is carrying air from the north Pacific, and it will not pack a huge cooldown, but at least some cooling is expected with highs trimming back by about 5 to 10 degrees for highs tomorrow, mostly upper 60s. Skies will be mostly clear behind the front, with lots of sunshine expected and less wind than today at 12 to 18 mph.

Cold Front #1, Thursday morning

Another front is expected to arrive tomorrow night, and this will be the big changemaker as it drops in from the northeast, carrying with it some much colder Canadian air that is set to bring a much chillier feel in for Friday. Veteran’s Day will start out cold and stay cold most of the day as temperatures struggle to rise out of the 40s, though at least we can expect to see more sunshine through the day.

Cold Front #2 – Thursday Evening

The core of cold air will be overhead Saturday morning, and near-ideal conditions are expected for our first freeze of the year with temperatures expected to crater down to the 20s, giving a hard freeze to most of the area. Temperatures will start to recover a bit Saturday afternoon, but still remain cool with highs in the low 50s Saturday and upper 50s Sunday.

Next week, another storm system will take aim at the South Plains, and that might be our next chance of precipitation, with some scattered showers possible Monday and Tuesday ahead of yet another cold front. Upper level troughing is expected to hang tough next week and keep us cooler than average for quite some time. If you haven’t already, it looks like it’s time to start breaking out the winter clothes!

Jack Maney

KLBK 7-Day Forecast
November 9th, 2022