Good evening South Plains! What a beautiful day it was. Thank you to those of you who have served, you are so greatly appreciated!

Tonight we are seeing conditions cool into the 30s through the 40s across the region. Lubbock will bottom out at 36 degrees with some fog and lower cloud coverage. Winds will remain from a variation of directions with speeds below 10 mph.

Tomorrow our high will reach 64 degrees for Sunday. After lunchtime we will see some more sunshine.

Extended Forecast:

Sunday night we will warm up for the overnight low slightly with a low of 44 degrees. Monday will be a few more degrees colder with a high of 60 degrees and winds form a variation of directions at 5-10 mph. We will have a 20% chance of precipitation with a cloudy day.

Monday night we will cool to 41 degrees with Tuesday reaching a high of 66 with southern winds and mostly sunny skies . Winds will remain from a variation of directions with speeds no higher than 10 mph.

Tuesday night will drop to 42 degrees with Wednesday bringing us a warm day of 71 degrees. Winds will be out of the southwest at 10-15 mph. Skies will be cloudy.

Wednesday night will drop to 46 degrees with Thursday reaching 76 degrees. We will be above average with southwest winds at 10-15 mph and more cloudy skies.

Thursday night we will drop to 50 degrees with Friday warming up to 71 bringing us a 10% chance of precipitation.

Saturday we could be seeing some rainfall with a 20% chance of precipitation.