Weather Ready Nation: Caution while camping

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LUBBOCK, Texas – When you venture out to go camping you want to get away from everything, but the weather can always be that factor that can prove deadly. So it is best to stay weather connected even when trying to disconnect.

One of the most dangerous thing while camping is flooding, which has caused multiple fatalities. You may not realize you are in a flood zone until the water rises and it becomes to late.

Jody James is no stranger to dealing with weather warnings as a 25 year veteran at the National Weather Service. He said a great precaution is access to a weather radio,.

James said, “It’s hard to think of something that is as reliable and can really save your life like a weather radio.”

Some may think a weather radio is outdated and would rather depend on a smart phone but even the latest technology has its downfalls.

James explained that you can’t always depend on a cell phone because severe weather can cause infrastructure damage and in populated areas overuse can create network issues. 

Lighting is another severe weather factor to consider which has caused 10 fatalities in the U.S. just this year. It is recommended to go inside a sturdy building if possible but that is not always an option while camping. 

“A vehicle provides good protection. It’s not so much the rubber tires, it’s the fact that there is a metal cage around you,” James

But one of the most relevant weather conditions to consider is the heat, causing dehydration, heat exhaustion or heatstroke.

It can especially be dangerous for those that may be camping at higher elevations. Altitude sickness can be a real issue when you get up about 8,000 feet or above with less oxygen. James suggested that the most important things to counteract that is to stay hydrated, minimizing the effect of altitude sickness.

Being informed ahead of time is the greatest tool you can take with you while camping and there are some great resources to consider.

One of them is which is the National Weather Service website.

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