Weather Ready Nation – J Ferg Pros End of Summer

Weather Ready Nation

For many West Texans, summertime is a time for outdoor leisure and time off. And while many of us are taking time for ourselves, Mother Nature is hard at work bringing the elements to one very important structure, our roofs.

Founder and C.E.O. of J Ferg Pros, JR Ferguson explains, “but the thing with summer coming to a close, there’s been a lot of hail activity in the Lubbock area in the last few years. And a lot of people are wanting to wait until after storm season so that they can get their new roof on and not have to replace it again the same year. But now that we’re out of summer, spring is over, it’s really kind of an optimal time to install a roof”

In addition to the hail we’ve seen across the South Plains recently, JR also advises that the heat plays a role in the lifespan of your roof as well.

“It’s the prolonged heat, the UV rays that really start breaking down these building products really of all types. In roofing, they’re an asphalt product, and you know, the blazing heat, the sun certainly is a factor that plays into the lifespan and would shorten it to some degree.”

Good news is that JFerg Pros offers free roof inspections that will inform you on the quality of your roof and if you need a new one. As well as other home services that you can use to make sure your home is ready for the cooler weather. 

“But beyond that, with the pandemic, we also have a business called the Germinator which is a broad scale, mobile disinfecting company. And so really, residents certainly use it, but it tends to be more of a commercially used product. Lots of schools, office buildings, colleges, sports teams, things like that.”

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