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Weather Ready Nation

LUBBOCK, Texas – Extreme weather conditions can be strenuous on your vehicle if you have not had it serviced properly. Freezing temperatures can cause thousands of dollars in damages by simply neglecting to have your vehicle winterized.

In some regions it is necessary to completely winterize your vehicle. We don’t typically experience long, harsh winters in West Texas so you can save some money on winter tires and winter windshield wipers that are not needed due to the lack of precipitation.

However it is recommended to always keep an eye on tire tread and air pressure for better surface traction during severe weather and inspect windshield wipers for any wear and tear. Scott Egert, owner of Scott’s Complete Car Care, says, “Nobody checks them until they need them and then they don’t work. It’s a physical inspection just to see the condition more than anything else.”

The most important thing you need to have inspected is the antifreeze in the cooling system. During the summertime, vehicles can blow a hose on the side of the road and leak out fluids. Water is often replaced in the cooling system as a makeshift when nothing else is available. Several months later if antifreeze was not put back in the cooling system the water will freeze, expand and crack the engine causing serious damage.

It is best to tell your mechanic you would like to have your vehicle winterized because during an oil change they are not testing the depth of antifreeze or the mixture. “It’s always good to check,” said Egert. “It’s too simple. It takes no time and it can save a lot of money and a lot of heartache down the road.”

Consider keeping a full or at least a half tank of gas in your car year round. This is not only a safety precaution but it can help save your fuel pump. The weight and the coolness of the gas on a fuel pump helps push it along and will give the fuel pump a much longer life.

Lastly, keeping your vehicle maintained with the recommended oil changes and tune ups is always advised and will keep your car from having as many issues. 

Here is a checklist to help winterizing your vehicle for West Texas:

  • Test your wiper blades
  • Make sure to have windshield-washer fluid on hand
  • Test your battery
  • Check your tires
  • Check your cooling system
  • Service your vehicle regularly

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