LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK has your Tuesday evening weather update for October 19th, 2023.

Good afternoon!

Today we are warming up across the South Plains! This weekend is looking like a warm one with some counties reaching the 90s. Lubbock will see a high of 82 degrees with nice and sunny conditions and west winds at 5-10 mph.

Tonight conditions will be warmer with an overnight low of 50 degrees. Winds will shift more southern.

Tomorrow will start getting toasty; Friday’s high will be 86 degrees and winds out of the south, southwest direction with calm speeds of 5-10 mph.

Extended Forecast:

Friday night we are barely cooling to 56 degrees; we are going to see some very warm overnight lows throughout the weekend. Saturday will continue the trend of an 86 degrees high temperature for the day. Clouds will head in giving us some more coverage throughout the day.

Saturday night will drop to 57 with Sunday warming to another 86 degrees. Winds will remain from the south and will be breezy at times. Expect consistent speeds of 12-18 mph.

Sunday night will be a very warm one; a low of 60 degrees. Monday’s high temperature will be 80 degrees with a 10% chance of precipitation. Winds will again be from the south at 12-18 mph.

Monday night will drop to 59 degrees with Tuesday warming up to 72. There will be a 40% chance of precipitation throughout the day. We could see some good rainfall and thunderstorm action!

Tuesday night will see a low of 54 degrees and Wednesday will see a bit more sun, but precipitation chances will still linger. A 10% chance is expected for now.

Soak up the sun and get ready for the weekend!