LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Forecaster Kathryn Campbell has your Sunday night weather update for September 24th, 2023.

Good evening! We have already seen some warm temperatures for the first couple of days of fall. Yesterday was officially the first day.

Tonight: Temperatures will drop down to 62 degrees with mostly clear skies. Winds will be out of the east northeast at 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow: Temperatures are looking warm for the week; Monday’s high will be 86 degrees with sunny skies and northeast winds at 5-10 mph. Skies will be mostly clear.

Extended Forecast:

Monday night will be the lowest of the week with cooler temperatures of 61 degrees with high temperatures around the mid to upper 80s across the region. Lubbock will see another high of 86 for Tuesday with sunny skies and southerly winds at 5-10 mph.

Tuesday night temperatures will drop to 63 with more sunny and warm conditions for Wednesday; a high of 89 degrees is predicted with southerly winds at 5-10 mph.

Wednesday night and Thursday morning will cool to 64 with Thursday reaching the 90s. More sunny skies and southerly winds are expected.

Thursday night things will repeat with warmer temperatures and some upper 80s for Friday. Friday evening we should see around a 20% chance of precipitation.

Friday night will cool to another 64 degrees and Saturday’s high will bring us 88 degrees with mostly sunny skies and southerly winds at 12-18 mph.

Saturday night will cool to 64 with a high of 85 degrees for Sunday.

I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend!