LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Forecaster Kathryn Campbell has your Wednesday morning weather update for June 7th, 2023.

Good morning! Today scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible today across several portions of the far Texas Panhandle, the South Plains, and the Rolling Plains. They have the potential for severity, the main threats being damaging winds and heavy rainfall. Today will have a high of 82 degrees, wind speeds of 5-10 mph, and cloudy skies. Precipitation chances will be around 50%.

Tonight: Storms will continue throughout the region, likely dying down before 1:00 A.M. We will drop down to 59 degrees and rain chances will lower to around 40%. Winds will be out of the east southeast direction at 12-18 mph.

Tomorrow: The sunshine is back to stay for a bit. Our high for the day will reach 87 degrees. Skies will have a bit of cloud coverage for most of the day. We will have a few showers remaining in the early morning hours and then a break in the clouds will begin before lunch time.

Extended Forecast:

Thursday night will drop down to 61 degrees. Friday will reach a high of 92 for the day. Skies will be mostly sunny and winds will be out of the south at lower speeds of 8-12 mph.

Friday night will be a nice evening with a low of 62 degrees and fairly calmer winds. Great grilling night! Saturday will be a hotter one with a high of 92 degrees. Winds will begin out of the southwest moving more eastward at speeds of 10-15 mph. Skies will be mostly sunny with little to no cloud coverage.

Saturday night will cool off to 61 degrees. Sunday will bring the heat again with a high of 90 degrees and clear skies. Winds will be at a variation of directions at 10-15 mph.

Sunday night will reach a low of 63 degrees; a warm night! Monday will cool off a tad with a high of 87 degrees. It will be warm and breezy for the day. Winds will be out of the southeast at speeds of 12-18 mph. Skies will be clear with the sun beaming down heavily.

Monday night will be even warmer with a low of 65 degrees! The warmth will continue for the day with a high of 93 degrees for the day. Winds will be out of the southwest at 15-20 mph. Skies will be mostly sunny to kick off the week.

We’re halfway through the week, make it count!