LUBBOCK, Texas — KLBK Forecaster Kathryn Campbell has your Tuesday morning weather update for March 21st, 2023.

Good morning, South Plains! Temperatures are finally warming up a bit and we are looking at a nice day today.

Today: We will see a high around 77 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. The wind will pick up after lunch blowing mostly out of the southwest with 20 mph winds.

Tonight: We will cool down to a low around 50 degrees. The clouds will be sticking around overnight. 

Tomorrow: Temperatures will be even warmer, getting to about 83 degrees. It will be a  warm,  windy day with winds still out of the southwest. Gusts could get pretty aggressive blowing as high as 35-40 mph.

Extended Forecast:

Overnight into Thursday, we will be cooling down a bit to a low around 48 degrees. The clouds will start to break up a bit giving us a little more sunshine. We will see a high of 78 for Thursday with possibly some light evening showers.

Friday will have a low of 42 degrees and a high of 67. We could see a few sprinkles lasting from Thursday in the very early hours. It will be a mostly sunny day with clear skies!

Saturday will stay pretty consistent with a cooler night of 37 degrees and a high of 67 for the day. It will be mostly sunny and winds will decrease slightly, changing directions more towards the south. 

Sunday will see a low of 42 for the night and a high of 70 for another sunny Sunday! There will be mostly clear skies so it’ll be a great day to get outdoors for a nice weekend cap.

Overnight into Monday we will cool off with a low of 35, barely above freezing. Monday will see a high of 62 degrees and the clouds will be back with mostly cloudy skies.

Hope you all started your week well, and have a great Tuesday!